Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tribes - "We Were Children", "Sappho", "Nightdriving"

Tribes are yet another British band that I have a close eye on. They are a four piece rock band out of Camden, London, and have one EP under their belt which features the songs 'We Were Children', 'Coming Of Age', 'Girlfriend' and an acoustic version of We Were Children. They have drawn some comparisons to a Nirvana sound, along with a touch of The Libertines. The first single 'We Were Children' caught my attention back a couple of months ago and really got me curious about these guys. Now they have an additional video out for 'Sappho' and a demo of 'Nightdriving' which is floating around online as well. The 'Nightdriving' tune confirmed my initial opinions of the band offering a catchy sound and beat.

Head over to Tribes official website and grab a free download of 'Nightdriving/Useless God'.

Also check out FPT's post back in May - Tribes - We Were Children

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