Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Typhoon - Live Review (Twilight Concert Series)

To start out their set Typhoon asked the crowd if anyone had a cello they could borrow. Well no one volunteered and the show still went on. On this the second week of The Twilight Concert Series the crowd was a bit warmer and bigger. It was clear that they were here to see a good night of live music from both Typhoon and The Decemberists. The first band from Oregon on the night Typhoon played a lively set. They have a wide range of musical talents playing a variety of musical instruments.

The band consisted of 12 members on the night and it has been said this number can often change as the band tours, they just kind of bring whoever is available at the time and hit the road. As they proclaimed they would get funky and then belted out the lyrics "We Will Smile" they made an impression on me - this is a band that is here to say. It was a great start to the night of music.

Check out the full Typhoon Photoshoot over on FPT's Facebook Page

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