Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Typhoon - Twilight Concert Series Preview

For those headed to the Twilight Concert Series tomorrow night (July 21st) in Salt Lake City you are maybe just going to see The Decemberists right? Well I am here to tell you that the opening act is pretty darn good as well. Typhoon will open up the night of Free music at Pioneer park, for the 2nd week of the Concert Series.

To help showcase Typhoon's talents I pulled a little video from YouTube which is part of The Take Away Shows series. The video was shot around a giant tree in Austin, TX during this years SXSW Festival. The video has the band playing a couple of their songs mashed into one starting with 'The Sickness Unto Death' and then a transition to 'The Honest Truth'. Indeed it is some lovely music and this Portland indie orchestra named Typhoon will have their own agenda come Thursday night.

Here is the the video and writeup on the video...
The band Typhoon playing one of their songs around a giant tree for the Take Away Shows. Shot in Austin, during the latest SxSw Festival.
"We rushed over to the band as fast as we could. They were staying in a
hippie house just outside of Austin filled with all sorts of hidden
treasures. And as luck would have it there was a giant tree in the

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