Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UTAH ORIGINAL - The Devil Whale

Fake Plastic Tunes, weekly feature "UTAH ORIGINAL" is back for round 3. This time we would like to feature a band out of Salt Lake City, UT called The Devil Whale. They just released their sophomore album 'Teeth' which has been picking up steam here locally and also getting some National attention. They were recently on their US tour supporting The Head and The Heart (who actually contribute on the track 'Magic Numbers'). So here is my little breakdown of the band and why you should open your ears to these guys.

When asking a friend what he knew about the devil whale his first response was "oh you mean the band that sounds like Wilco?" Although there is some similarities to Wilco's sound it might be a little early to pronounce them as Wilco's polygamist little sibling. From what you can hear on their latest effort 'Teeth' you hear a strong easy going full of life rock album. It if filled with lots of wholesome 60/70's vibes and is unique in it's own sound and vision and is an overall very fluid little album.
Some key tracks for me are 'Television Zoo', 'Golden', 'Barracudas' and 'Magic Numbers' which are 4 really strong and distinct tracks that catch your attention right off the bat.

'Teeth' is the bands second effort and was just released this past May, 2011,  they also have a debut album titled 'Like Paraders' which was released back in 2008 and an EP in between.  The differences between Like Paraders and Teeth can be noticed right up front.  Teeth is a more polished album which the band seems to have designed to help move things forward with their music.  The front man Brinton Jones songwriting skills are put to the test and once again their is some beautiful music as a result.  When one talks of music acts from Utah it seems The Devil Whale are always right there at the top of the list and when you listen to 'Teeth' you will understand why.

Taken from their about page on their site here is a little intro to the band in their own words...
"Anyone who has heard the music of Brinton Jones will agree that his songs are literature of the heart. Like a book bound by melody, harmony, and honesty, they unfold before you. Paragraphs become verses and chapters become choruses, leaving room for interpretation and relation. Brinton is as much an author as he is a songwriter."

Salt Lake City's The Devil Whale is the product of a collaboration between Jones and long-time friends Jake Fish (on bass) and Cameron Runyan (on drums). These days, that collaboration is rounded out with the addition of Jamie Timm on lead guitar and Wren Kennedy on keyboards."

Getting to Know The Devil Whale:
Brinton Jones (Vocals)
Jake Fish (Bass)
Cameron Runyan (Drums)
Wren Kennedy (Keyboards)
Jamie Timm (Guitar)   

Official Website

Teeth Tracklisting:
01. Golden 3:35
02. Indian 3:59
03. Werewolf Army 2:59
04. Magic Numbers 4:12
05. So-Called War 2:50
06. Television Zoo 4:40
07. Standing Stones 3:47
08. Earthquake Dreams 3:11
09. Barracudas 3:44
10. The Road To Hell 2:27
11. The End (Isn't Coming) 1:51

Like Paraders Tracklisting:
01. If This House Fails 5:18
02. Consience; A Friend Who Lies 4:13
03. You Don't Need A Place To Go Tonight 3:53
04. You Were Good 2:53
05. Turn Around This Car 3:54
06. Your Love = Math 5:43
07. Dirty Mouth 4:26
08. Sail All Night 4:29
09. Butter For Burns 5:48
10. Don't You Recognize This Place 13:57

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