Saturday, July 23, 2011

UTAH ORIGINAL - Fictionist

For a few months now I have had friends telling me that I need to do a write up about the local band called "Fictionist". Well a few months later and a Rolling Stone contest later here is the latest installment of my weekly UTAH ORIGINAL feature. So who are these guys Fictionist and why all the fuss over this lets be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

Fictionist were originally called Maxfield, after band the lead singer Stuart Maxfield. Shortly after they changed their name to Good Morning Maxfield and then came Fictionist in late 2008. The Fictionist are a 5 piece band out of Provo, UT, who all met while studying jazz at BYU. When you first hear that they are from Provo and attended BYU you assume they are Mormon - so yes they are. The next question would be, how does the religious aspect effect their music? Well it really has no effect whatsoever.

Their music speaks for itself and offers a back to the future - retro feel with a Pink Floyd type of vibe. Singer Stuart Maxfield said it best "Music is an area in life where there aren't religious things and secular things that separate us". Now with two albums under their belt, 2009's 'Invisible Hand' and 2010's Lasting Echo and some extra National attention they are letting their music do the talking.   

Getting to Know Fictionist:

Lasting Echo Tracklisting:
02.Human Wings
03.Blue-Eyed Universe
04.Sunshine of a Shell
05.Strangers in the Dark
06.The Well-Made Shadow
07.Time to TIme
08.Suffering Angel
09.Deeper and Deeper
10.Fire Don’t Set You Free
11.Have Mercy

Invisible Hand Tracklisting:
01.Noisy Birds
02.Tightrope Hill
03.Invisible Hand
04.Nowhere to Go
06.Lovers Past
07.Set Me on Fire
11.Song for B

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