Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UTAH ORIGINAL: Holy Water Buffalo

Fake Plastic Tunes, weekly feature "UTAH ORIGINAL" is back for round 2. This time we would like to feature a band out of Heber, UT called Holy Water Buffalo. They just released their self-titled debut album back in December, 2010 and have been playing their music all over the state ever since. They are a four piece band that are heavy on the old school rock n roll and dish out some incredible harmonies along the way.

Here is what Holy Water Buffalo say about themselves on their website bio...
"Since the beginning people have enjoyed sound, the sound that you can feel, the kinda sound that soothes your soul, eases you into serenity, opens you to a new world, pushes you through it, helps you on the other side, gives you a craving for more, this is music you can feel.
This is Holy Water Buffalo."

Getting to Know Holy Water Buffalo:
Zaz McDonald - Keys/Organ
Jeff Vanderlinden - Bass
Tommy Brunson - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Siggard - Drums/Backing Vocals

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Holy Water Buffalo Tracklisting:
1. Hands of Dust 3:12
2. Boston On Medium 4:35
3. Buffalo Hunter 5:09
4. I'm Alright (It's Heavy) 4:37
5. Only Son 3:56
6. What Is And What's to Come 4:16
7. Thinking of You 3:02
8. Better Kind of Love 4:31
9. What Is Love 4:51

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