Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Album Preview: Atlas Sound - Parallax

Atlas Sound, the solo project from Deerhunter singer/guitarist Bradford Cox, has announced the release of a new album, Parallax, on November 8th, via 4AD records. If the new album is anything like Atlas Sound’s previous efforts, we can probably expect Cox’s “stream-of-consciousness” experimental pop style to shine brightly on Parallax.

As a teaser for the new album, Atlas Sound has released a new track called “Terra Incognita,” (streaming below), which evokes a beautifully intimate, bare-bones feeling. Sparkling guitar tones flit about the space and channel a calm warmth, perfect for the fading days of summer and the chilly weather ahead.

Tracklisting for Parallax:
01 The Shakes 

02 Amplifiers 

03 Te Amo 

04 Parallax 

05 Modern Aquatic Nightsongs 

06 Mona Lisa 

07 Praying Man 

08 Doldrums 

09 My Angel Is Broken 

10 Terra Incognita 

11 Flagstaff 

12 Nightworks

Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita by pillowjungle

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