Friday, August 12, 2011

Bright Eyes - Live Review (Twilight Concert Series)

As Bright Eyes took the stage last night with frontman Conor Oberst appearing last, it dawned on me how big of a following the band truly has. With an overwhelming number of screaming and cheering from the start, I honestly have to say the majority of the crowd sang to just about every song. I have to admit, never really being a huge Bright Eyes fan, they put on a wonderful show with plenty of interaction from the crowd. At one point Oberst expressed how great it is that Salt Lake City puts on free shows and how he wished his home town did that. He also went on to thank the opening band, Wild Nothing, and the audience for coming. The whole show was filled with energy and you could tell how happy the crowd was to be there. Both the atmosphere and show were energetic, and I would recommend checking them out next time they stop in your town.


1. Another Travelin' Song
2. Four Winds
3. Bowl of Oranges
4. Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
5. Jejune Stars
6. Lover I Don't Have to Love
7. Shell Games
8. First Day of My Life
9. Landlocked Blues
10. Hot Knives
11. Poison Oak
12. Falling Out of Love at This Volume
13. Arc of Time (Time Code)
14. I Believe In Symmetry
15. Cartoon Blues
16. The Calender Hung Itself
17. Ladder Song


18. Gold Mine Gutted
19. Wrecking Ball (Gillian Welch Cover)
20. Road to Joy
21. One For You, One For Me

Photo Credit: Nicholas Swenor


  1. Great pictures and review of the concert. I'm glad I started talking to you(or whomever was taking pictures) and that you told me about this site-love it.

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