Sunday, August 14, 2011

Com Truise- Galactic Melt REVIEW

Once past the maddening awkwardness of the name Com Truise itself, the listener is rewarded with one of the richest synth albums in recent memory. Seth Haley, the man behind the Com Truise curtain, has crafted Galactic Melt as a shoegazey tribute to futurist nostalgia- complete with a healthy dose of sci-fi references from yesteryear. Similar to Boards of Canada (a possible direct influence of Haley’s), the tunes here feel isolated, distant, and cerebral- yet undeniably warm. It speaks volumes about Haley’s strategic synth arrangements that these endearing qualities lift Galactic Melt whenever it threatens to fall into redundancy.

Galactic Melt establishes an atmosphere early on and spends the rest of the album finding interesting ways to stay committed to this tone. Haley’s craftsmanship boasts an addictive blend of Kubrickian isolation and sterile whimsy. The beat-laden, 8-bit-inspired production is appropriately chill while still radiating a latent tension. Despite our best efforts to indulge deeply within the Galactic Melt experience, the listener is kept at arm’s length. However, this is one of the album’s greatest strengths- its infectious nature is fully countered by this seemingly inherent detachment. With the exception of the deliciously accessible “VHS Sex”, “Cathode Girls”, and “Ether Drift”, the majority of the tracklist tantalizingly exists just out of our grasp, lost within the spacious universe Haley has created. The sounds on Galactic Melt instantly rekindle those well-worn mental images of miscellaneous Atari-esque control rooms with endless rows of randomly blinking lights, among other visions of old school high-tech. Track after track seem to lurk behind layers of mist suspended within a chromed-out, low-budget spacecraft floating across the nether regions of outer space with only the ebb and flow of a reliably insistent beat acting as guidance. Ordinarily this sense of barricaded alienation would yield immense frustration. But with Galactic Melt, the distance is the appeal. The more exclusive it sounds, the more epic the journey becomes.

> Com Truise - Galactic Melt (2011) by daftdreamy

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- Fr. Jones

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