Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Dead Leaves - If The Shoe Fits

Here is a refreshing new band out of Australia called The Dead Leaves. They have their debut album 'Cities On The Sea' which is due out in November. While initially formed in 2009 to play and record lead-vocalist Matt Joe Gow's solo work, The Dead Leaves (featuring guitarist Andrew Pollock, bassist Cameron Grindrod and drummer Joel Witenberg) have evolved far beyond a solo artist's backing band. (Via Facebook)

Here is the video for 'If The Shoe Fits' which features snippets of images from an early 1920's silent film.  Listening to this song brings to mind the type of sound that the indie powerhouse The National produce.  The vocals that Matt Joe Gow delivers are a thing of beauty and they are the center piece of what The Dead Leaves have to offer.  This is a great song and so addictive making you beg to hear what the entire 'Cities On The Sea' album will sound like.  Sit back and enjoy some honest new sounds with the video for 'If The Shoe Fits' and be sure to also download 'Harm' below as a free download.

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