Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Desert Noises - Hey Ah

Here is a free song 'Hey Ah' that Desert Noises are offering over at their website. It looks like it will be the 6th song off the new album Mountain Sea which will be available for purchase next month. I first heard about these guys about a month ago when I was blown away by their newest video 'Oak Tree'. Their sound is one of the more refreshing that I have found coming out of Utah in sometime now. As for a National stage for their music they are currently touring non-stop and trying to build a fan base. With the heavy touring, catchy tune 'Oak Tree', and the upcoming album 'Mountain Sea' they are set to really make a splash not only locally in the State of Utah but across the country and even overseas. 

The newest song 'Hey Ah' is a short song that comes at you fast clocking in at under 2 minutes. After hearing this and taking some re listens to 'Oak Tree' it seems the new album is set for some big sounds.  The album isnt' released until September 6th and an official track list is no where to be found but you can still Pre-order the new album Mountain Sea over at Slowtrain.

UTAH ORIGINAL: Desert Noises - Mountain Sea

Desert Noises - Hey Ah by Willamette Mountain

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