Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Horrors - Skying REVIEW

Skying is the third album from English 5-piece band The Horrors and offers the listener a very balanced and polished album. The album was released earlier this month in the USA and a month earlier over seas, and it has been on constant repeat with me even since. 'Changing The Rain' offers up a great opener for The Horrors 3rd effort Skying. It is a very balanced and a musically charged opener. It shows the bands darker more laid back side, "open your eyes".   The second song 'You Said' opens up with some low key darker vibes and heats up as the song goes on. 'I Can See Through You' is another upbeat, big sounding song with the throwback retro feel that is found throughout the album.

'Endless Blue' is a fantastic song and the album highlight for me which stands out front and center. The songs intro teases you along right into the chorus and after about a minute the song turns into a jam. The guitars and drums set the tone early digging up a dreamy and edgy tune in 'Dive In'. 'Still Life' is maybe the most radio friendly song from Skying. The vocals here are perfect as they go hand and hand with the music being played. 'Wild Eyed' is a simple, mysterious type of song, which comes at you gently but somewhat messes with your mind. This is the type of sound The Horrors create so well.  'Moving Further Away' clocks in at 8:34. I would call a song like this an experience. It dishes out all those retro vibes once again. This is the chill out song on the album, and is well worth listening to all 8 minutes and 34 seconds of it. 'Monica Gems' fun song here showcasing what they can do mixing guitars, drums and vocals together in a fast paced song. Another album highlight. Lastly is 'Oceans Burning' which is almost 8 minutes in length. This is a low key song that essentially is saying goodbye to the 9 songs before it. A song like this eases the mind and gives closure to a great album.

I asked a friend what their favorite track was from the album and after some hesitation and no response it was pretty clear that this is an album that is intended to be listened to from start to finish not on an individual song basis.   Reviewing the album for BBC Music, Mike Diver wrote, "There's no fault to be found with Skying – truly, every song here hits its mark... From the most incongruous of beginnings, The Horrors have become national treasures in waiting, and now possess the ability to realise any ambitions".  The Horrors always give off that 80's goth vibe with their name and look but as far as the album Skying goes, they are in the year 2011 playing some of the years best tunes. Skying is in my top 5 albums of 2011 so far. These guys aren't trying to go along with the flow of the current music that is being released, they have their own agenda and are creating something that is personal and has meaning.

ALBUM RATING:  5.0/5.0

Skying Tracklisting:
1. "Changing the Rain" 4:36
2. "You Said" 4:51
3. "I Can See Through You" 4:22
4. "Endless Blue" 5:15
5. "Dive In" 4:56
6. "Still Life" 5:26
7. "Wild Eyed" 4:09
8. "Moving Further Away" 8:39
9. "Monica Gems" 4:33
10. "Oceans Burning" 7:54

Still Life (Official Video)

Endless Blue (live @ Off Festival 2010, Poland)

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