Friday, August 5, 2011

Thurston Moore - Live Review (Twilight Concert Series)

Thurston Moore the mastermind behind all things Sonic Youth came to SLC, UT's Twilight Concert Series on August 4th, 2011. With the rain and music fans ignorance to the nights performers the typical crowds we have seen the first 3 weeks of the Concert Series somewhat dwindled. This was just fine by me as the music and atmosphere was much more enjoyable and accessible. Thurston Moore delivered a heartfelt night of tunes and poetry. With a legend such as Moore when you have been on top of the music world for 30+ years you can basically do as you please and that is exactly what he accomplishes with his solo work. While talking throughout the crowd and discussing with fans in the front of the stage, they were thrilled to have a chance to get an upclose look at one of their music idols. Rolling Stone has dubbed Thurston Moore 34th on the All time greatest guitar players and at the age of 52 he showed no signs of slowing down as he continued to shred his guitar for SLC.

Whether you realize it or not, as a music fan you have probably somehow been affected and influenced by Thurston Moore. As the lead man in Sonic Youth, a band that has influenced a majority of the bands today if not directed by other bands before them. With jokes of doing a full set of Alice Cooper cover songs to the reading of poetry, and the guitar jams - Thurston showed SLC that he truly loves what he is doing and he will continue to do so, continuing to influence the music world even further.

Full Photoshoot over at FPT's Facebook Page

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