Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thurston Moore - Twilight Concert Series - Preview

With Thurston Moore making an appearance at The Twilight Concert Series, SLC will be in the presence of a rock legend. Thurston Moore is the mastermind of the band Sonic Youth being the singer, songwriter and guitarist. While at the show make sure to pay special attention to Moore's guitar as he is known as one of the greatest guitarist of All Time.

Thurston Moore's latest solo effort 'Demolished Thoughts' is a simple stripped down album with introspective acoustic sound. He thrives on creating lyrical masterpieces, such as in 'Circulation'
Perfect lights are backwards/Refracted cries, Needle hits white lacquer/Speakers forgive lies. Should be a great evening of music with the likes of up and comer Kurt Vile and Rock legend Thurston Moore bringing his 30+ years of experience to town.

Demolished Thoughts Tracklisting:
04."Blood Never Lies"
05."Orchard Street"
06."In Silver Rain With a Paper Key"
07."Mina Loy"
10."This Train Is Bound For Glory

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