Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tied To The Mast - Plain Lazy

Here is a band out of Britain offering up some catchy tunes. Tied To The Mast's song 'Plain Lazy' has been floating around online since January but is now just hitting my ears. The song has an incredible draw to it, when you listen to it once you want to go back and take it all in for a second time. It is not that the lyrics are mind blowing or anything like that it is just a steady song with some big mesmerizing guitar sounds and some poppy vocals that compliment each other perfectly. The band just signed with Mostar Records in release of this single and are sure to only have brighter days ahead. Over on their Facebook page the band describes their sound like this...
"British Alt Rock band with a solid Mid-Atlantic sound, somewhere between The Beatles White Album and Josh Homme & Co's Desert Sessions."

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