Friday, September 9, 2011

Beirut - "Santa Fe" - VIDEO

One of the most rewarding things about following an artist is being able to witness the transformation of talent, style, and theme over the course of their musical career. This is especially true for Zach Condon and Balkan folk-pop outfit Beirut. On their third release, The Rip Tide, the odd melodies and avant-garde instrumentation of previous releases such as Gulag Orkestar seem to fade into the distant past, and yet, the album still feels like a natural progression of songwriting for the band.

Enter the band's new video for "Santa Fe," which is, in essence, a tribute to the trials and tribulations of modern life. The video, which provides a sentimental flare appropriate for the music, begins with some depressing mishaps, but takes an interesting turn that leaves it up to the viewer as to what message they will take away. See the video below.

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