Friday, September 9, 2011

Broken Social Scene - The World At Large (Modest Mouse COVER)

So I just recently stumbled across the site The Voice Project and have been amazed by the great selection of quality videos of cover songs they have over there. They pick an artist to cover a song and then that artist they picked passes it on and does a cover of another artist and so on.  I just picked this one from Broken Social Scene doing a cover of Modest Mouse's song 'The World At Large'.  Broken Social Scene can really turn any song into a work of art, they are always full of emotion with their music and vocals.  Here is The Voice Project's take on the songs process...

"We met up with the guys in NYC after their (amazing) show at Terminal 5 in January and hatched a plan to come up to Toronto and do an episode. Brendan and Kevin had been talking about doing "World At Large", a song they've played on stage with Modest Mouse, so we met up at Charlie's home studio and that wonderful fluid coalition that is Broken Social Scene converged to give us this incredible inside look at their creative process and to "pass it on" to their friends just about as beautifully as anyone could. Thanks so much to the guys for that great Canadian hospitality and for being part of the project, much love. Enjoy :)"

Broken Social Scene » Modest Mouse from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

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