Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sometimes certain directors just have that innate ability to understand how much the scenes in their films are impacted and emotionally enhanced by finding the perfect music to score it. You may not even realize it right away, but afterwards or maybe the next day you find yourself wondering "Who made this film and where did they get that music?"
This was always evident in Stanley Kubrick's films, in which he used brilliant images and audio perfectly paired to create those indelible cinematic moments, which are unforgettable.

There are many others such as Wes Anderson, and in a more commercial sense Cameron Crowe and the late John Hughes who exhibit great music sense, and more importantly knowing how to apply it. So it would seem that director Nicolas Winding Refn learned that lesson loud and clear. In the terrific new film "Drive" starring Ryan Gosling, the music has become such an elevating part of many scenes, that there just doesn't seem like any other choice would suffice.

Perhaps a great deal of credit goes to the man in charge of the score for the film, veteran film composer Cliff Martinez, who has been a secret weapon of sorts for director Steven Soderburgh from the late 90's right up to the current release "Contagion".

The Film is a bit of a throwback to movies of the 80's in many ways, which has been long overdue to be honest. The soundtrack obviously reflects many of it's sentiments for the decade. No worries however; as there is no 80's style film wasting musical interludes of Gosling doing anything in a car like the bike trick scene from "Quicksilver" going to show up in this film. It's not that kind of film at all.

It actually reminds me a very slight bit of what "To Live and Die in LA" was trying to go for back in 1985 with the music but ultimately failed by using Wang Chung to score it. Finally we get an actual 'R' rated movie in the theatres to go see, but don't get me started, thats for the movie blogs.

The most single ready song on the predominately instrumental album would have to be "A Real Hero" by a French DJ called College and featuring Toronto duo Electric Youth. The song has shot up the iTunes charts recently and the album sales have been brisk.

Drive is playing now in theatres and the soundtrack is available on iTunes

View Movie Trailer for Drive - HERE

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