Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart REVIEW

The Kooks are back with their third effort titled Junk Of The Heart and they bring along a familiar sound. The previous two albums Inside In/Inside Out and Konk both found the band pumping out familiar Britpop sounds and pushing a 1960's British vibe. Junk of the Heart takes a little bit of a turn in a new direction but not much. The album is one that is best played together and there are no big huge single pop hits found here. Although there are several songs that get you excited and make you crave more of that old easy going 'Seaside' sound.

The openers 'Junk of the Heart (Happy)' and 'How'd You Like That' both bring a relaxed tone that eases you into the rest of the album, giving the listener a nice mix of vocals and guitar melodies. Next up is 'Rosie' and it has more of that Brit Pop sound to it and it is followed by 'Taking Pictures Of You' which the vocals shine through again creating an honest song.

'F**k The World Off' Song is trying to prove a point and what that point is I will leave that up to your imagination. Not the best use of a song for this particular album and almost feels like it doesn't belong with this set of songs. 'Time Above The Earth' is a highlight track which brings string sounds to the forefront. Only downfall would have to be the songs length making you wish for an extended version. 'Runaway' is an upbeat faster paced tune then what is found on the rest of the albums tracks. 'Is It Me' here is the steadiest track and it has that familiar Kooks sound to it. The vocals and the music work well together making this a worthy song of throwing on that new playlist you just created.

'Killing Me' offers up some fancy guitar riffs giving the song a gigantic opening, and is another album highlight. Next up is 'Petulia' and this is the closest song that resembles my favorite Kooks song 'Seaside'. Slow paced song that is put together perfectly. The guitars chiming in and out all song help create a thing of beauty. 'Eskimo Kiss' is another upbeat song, which shows the guys just playing and having fun with this one. 'Mr. Nice Guy' decent album closer but makes it hard to believe that Luke and the crew are anything but Mr nice guys.

There is no Seaside song on this album but just as the band stated, their intent was to create an album as a whole not just a song here and a song there. Frontman Luke Pritchard says... "What we really wanted to do was build a proper, full album. Something you can listen to from front to back. We're an album band and this is a journey you come on with us.".....  "It's upbeat, an album to play in the sun". One thing is for sure The Kooks have a fine blue print on how to create a decent Pop album.


Junk Of The Heart Track Listing:
01 - Junk of the Heart (Happy)
02 - How’d You Like That
03 - Rosie
04 - Taking Pictures Of You
05 - Fuck The World Off
06 - Time Above The Earth
07 - Runaway
08 - Is It Me
09 - Killing Me
10 - Petulia
11 - Eskimo Kiss
12 - Mr. Nice Guy

Junk of the Heart (Happy) -THE KOOKS by masshimaro

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