Friday, September 30, 2011

Yournalist - Slippery And Infected EP - REVIEW

Yournalist are a band out of Finland, who have released their debut EP Slippery And Infected back in May of this year on the independent label Drink Tonight Records. Finland is fastly becoming a hot spot for me with the likes of French Films and Big Wave Riders already hooking me onto their flashy Finland sounds. Now we have Yournalist who are trying to push things forward and as bass guitarist Santeri says about the EP...
"Our goal is to get one of our songs into the 'Guitar Hero' game. And we'd also like to play some shows."

Check out the video for 'No Time to Kill You' below, it showcases the band performing in a room full of newspaper along with the band and the instruments being covered in it as well. The real highlight from this EP though is 'Nigerian Girl' which is about as catchy a rock/pop song as you can find. It brings to mind the likes of Vampire Weekend and it shows the band has some potential in their future releases. 'Hi-Fi Tourist' is another song that showcases the bands sound with layers of guitar riffs and catchy sounds and vocals. With this band there is also a lot of edginess and straight forwardness, they tend to put it all on the line in their songs, and give a take it or leave it approach to the listener. I will be one of the ones 'taking it' and sticking 'Nigerian Girl' on my playlist to listen to over and over again.


01. Nigerian Girl
02. F*****g
03. No Time To Kill You
04. Hi-Fi Tourist
05. Powercock Fantasia

Yournalist by drinktonightrecords

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