Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yuck - Cousin Corona

Yuck are putting out a deluxe edition of their debut self-titled album which will be released October 11th via Fat Possum. The deluxe edition will consist of a second disc that will have 6 songs on it (B-Sides). The song 'Coconut Bible' is already a favourite of mine and I actually prefer that B-Side to anything on the actual record. We get another listen at what to expect on the B-Sides disc with 'Cousin Corona'.

Cousin Corona by Yuck

Yuck Deluxe Tracklisting:
01. Get Away
02. The Wall
03. Shook Down
04. Holing Out
05. Suicide Policeman
06. Georgia
07. Suck
08. Stutter
09. Operation
10. Sunday
11. Rose Gives A Lilly
12. Rubber
1. The Base Of A Dream Is Empty
2. Milkshake
3. Coconut Bible
4. Cousin Corona
5. Doctors In My Bed
6. Soothe Me

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