Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Craft Spells - The Fog Rose High

Incase Room 205 offers up so very intriguing performances and is always on the list to check out. The latest episode of Room 205 showcases the band Craft Spells song 'The Fog Rose High'. Their sound brings both The Smiths and Echo & The Bunnymen together and it almost joins forces with modern day Beach Fossils and The Drums. Front-man Justin Vallesteros puts together layers of simple synth and guitar melodies that help create a very vibrant and upbeat sound. In this song 'The Fog Rose High' you get a sense that these guys are on their way to making a name for themselves, I have bought in I am a fan.

Incase will have a couple of more episodes with Craft Spells still to come I am sure we will get a look at the song 'Party Talk' as well which is a great tune as well. This is a band on the rise.

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