Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Break Horses - Hearts - ALBUM REVIEW

I Break Horses are a Swedish indie band composed of Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck. Their debut album 'Hearts' was just released this past August on the Bella Union label. The album starts off with 'Winter Beats' and 'Hearts' which are back to back gorgeous songs that force you to hold your breathe.   They both are great openers to this indie/pop/shoegaze record. They give off some simple sounds that move you, almost to the extend of something Sigur Ros has done in the past. 'Hearts' is really the standout track, as it is the type of song that takes you to a whole other place. It alone makes this album worth the purchase and is one of my favourite songs of the year.

After the first two album gems, things level off a little and you almost want to rush through the tracks to get back to song one and song two. 'Wired' doesn't have that moving effect as the previous two songs, it is more of a straight forward pop sound being offered. The song 'Cancer' has some really interesting musical noises that help open up the song. From there it never fully picks up the speed that the song deserves. 'Load Your Eyes' is a little more enjoyable then the previous four songs but still doesn't have that magic that you hear in 'Winter Beats' and 'Hearts'.  'Empty Bottles' has that classic female pop sound to it, add the Swedish accent on top of that is a nice little twist. It is a slower song, and has a nice musical chorus right in the middle of the song. 'No Way Outro' is a haunting album send off as the vocals linger right until the end. Overall this album starts off in a huge way with the opening two songs and from there it spirals down hill as it feels that it has lost its direction.

ALBUM RATING: 3.75/5.0

Hearts Tracklisting:
01 Winter Beats
02 Hearts
03 Wired
04 I Kill Your Love, Baby!
05 Pulse
06 Cancer
07 Load Your Eyes
08 Empty Bottles
09 No Way Outro

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