Sunday, October 30, 2011

REVIEW: Eight Bit Tiger - Parallel Synchronized Randomness

Chicago is housing two brothers, Erik and Kent Widman, who make up the electronic dance duo Eight Bit Tiger. Their debut album Parallel Synchronized Randomness has appealing songs which showcase their wide range of influence. There are songs that have the feel of 70s disco funk, others have the 80s synth-pop edge, and other songs feel like they are humping your leg as you dance to bouncing bass lines, sprinkling synthesizer sounds, pulsing drums, and other positive sounds that Eight Bit Tiger offers for your listening pleasure.

“There’s so much music out there that is depressing, so we wanted to make something that makes you feel good when you listen to it. That’s what the world needs right now,” says vocalist Erik Widman.

One of my favorite tracks is Oslo, with a jangly piano banging chords in the background followed by fantistic layers of electronics. The song Bad Advice is a fun little diddy where they repeat, "jumping in the elevator makes it go faster" several times. This song would have been perfect years and years ago when my little brother and I were jumping in hotel elevators causing youthful ruckus during family vacations. Below is a very entertaining video of Bad Advice showcasing the human race.

Eight Bit Tiger will be performing shows with Chris Pagnani on drums throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

I loved the album and it humped my leg as I listened to it.


Eight Bit Tiger
Parallel Synchronized Randomness
Release Date:
October 25, 2011
Track Listing:
1. Bad Advice
2. The Night
3. Cameo
4. Numbers
5. These Streets
6. Our World
7. Oslo
8. In Our Next Life
9. Dangerous Animals
10. Training Wheels

Oslo by Eight Bit Tiger

Bad Advice Video

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