Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silver Tongues - Black Kite REVIEW

Silver Tongues are a band out of Louisville, KY and bring with them a very humble rootsy 60's sound. They have a new album titled Black Kite which will be released on October 25th on the Karate Body Records label. The album itself consists of 9 songs all of which are very well constructed and bring with them a purpose.  The highlight track without a doubt is 'Ketchup', it only weighs in at 1:49 minutes long,  but it is the type of song that the repeat button is on stand by.  Some of the other highlights for me are the title track 'Black Kite' and 'Hope For' which both keep you on the edge of your seat with lead vocalist David Cronin belting out the lyrics.

Overall, Black Kite is somewhat of a rookie album.  There is a lot of potential here for Silver Tongues throwback rock sound, it just feels like they are in the early stages and it is all up hill from here.  I suspect their sound will continue to become more polished as they go forward in their musical endeavours.  But as for now Black Kite is a very respectable and honest listen.

Getting to Know Silver Tongues:
Here is Silver Tongues bio over at Karate Body Records...
"What started as a pet project in solitude blossomed into a remarkable fusion of enduring songs with effortless musicianship. Silver Tongues explores life’s beautiful and harsh moments with an unblinking eye, all the while infusing a feeling that there will be a fortunate resolution. No thought or idea is out of bounds with this band, which is obvious in the wide array of styles on the forthcoming record, Black Kite".

Black Kite Tracklisting:
1. Highways 04:03
2. Ketchup 01:49
3. Black Kite 03:32
4. Warsaw 05:01
5. Hope For 04:04
6. Wet Dog 03:25
7. Broken Strings 03:20
8. Greater Times 03:32
9. Home 04:51

Bandcamp Stream:
Band Bio:
Twitter: @slvrtongue      

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