Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman – World Wide Rebel Songs REVIEW

When Morello released his first solo album, One Man Revolution, I was at first wary. Morello is best known for his remarkable skill on the electric guitar so the idea of a stripped down version was interesting to say the least.

His first album seemed to be all about putting himself into a stripped down and vulnerable position. There is something pure and uncanny about the acoustic guitar and with the right voice strumming the right chords it can be louder and more powerful than anything an electric guitar can produce.

Morello, with his first album, showed that he can be a force to be reckoned with on the acoustic guitar as a singer-songwriter with a message to share. His second album implemented some electric guitar as well, but tended to feel unbalanced without ever being able to decide the album it wanted to be. With his latest endeavor, I am happy to report that Morello has found his sweet spot and it is awesome.

Morello, in general, just plainly sounds more comfortable on this latest effort. The acoustic still plays a prominent role in the sound of the album, but he finally unleashes his electric guitar as well in some of the most creative and crazy ways I’ve ever heard from him. No longer is he trying to keep with the sound of a particular band so you really get a sense with this album that he is trying find his own unique sound while still staying true to his signature grind.

At a time when the sixties counter-culture inhabitants needed a voice, Dylan was the man to step up and wear those shoes. At another time in the nineties, it was an aggressive band by the name of Rage Against the Machine. Now, I think more than ever is another era in need of a voice of protestation. Dylan and so many others have held the torch and I feel that Morello is a voice as equally important to be heard.

My only worry is the unfortunate truth that many of the people that should be listening won’t have the chance to discover how important his message is.

These are songs that people need to hear and I truly hope that many do.

Album Rating: 4.25 / 5

Album Review By: Mark.HaTe

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