Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Kooks: Live Tonight at Club Sound SLC, UT

The Kooks are touring on the legs of their latest album release Junk Of The Heart and are dropping by Salt Lake City tonight. The show is tonight at Club Sound/In The Venue and is set to begin at 8pm. Yawn will be opening things up for The Kooks. If you need still need tickets head over to Smithstix. Here are a couple of songs to get you ready for tonights show. 'Junk of the Heart (Happy)' from the newest album and an old favorite of mine 'Seaside' which ranks among one of my favorite songs of all-time. 

See you tonight!

Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave It VIDEO

Bombay Bicycle Club have a new video out for single 'Leave It' which is taken from their critically-acclaimed album A Different Kind of Fix.

The Moth & The Flame - The Moth & The Flame REVIEW

When there is something trending in Provo, UT word usually spreads rather quickly; a great example of this would be the name Jimmer. Well another example of this is a band called The Moth & The Flame. For several weeks, leading up to their Album Release party, random posters that read "11.11.11" filled the college town with anticipation and wonder. Word of mouth on the band spread quickly and it seemed as if the whole town knew about the bands upcoming show at Provo's Velour Live Music Gallery. Pre-sale tickets quickly sold out and the band decided to add a second show to meet the demand of their rapidly expanding fan base.

So who exactly is The Moth & The Flame? Well, here is what I dug up on them, they are Brandon Robbins (Vocals, Guitar) and Mark Garbett (Keys, Vocals) from Provo, Utah. They have their self-titled debut album out now which features 9 songs and can be purchased over at their website. The album is rather good and it kind of looks like Provo, Utah might have a hidden gem on their hands, as TM&TF are more then buzzband worthy.

Listening to the album I could hear at times some huge potential for something that might be worthy of a big stage presence. I could also hear some of that early 2000's alternative rock that the radio seemed to love over and over again. But when you dig a little deeper and give the album a few more listens you get a very mature and developed sound. There are moments of lush piano, guitar and vocal mixtures that work so well together. Garbett and Robbins have spent the past year experimenting and perfecting their album with adding layer after layer. They both have this to say about the album “You won’t find political statements, religious views or any of ‘the issues’ in these songs, although some have been interpreted that way,” “All of the songs on this album have come from an interesting place, a very serious and real place.” “The lyrics throughout the album focus on redemption and hope. There is no fear in the album of being positive,” said Garbett. “At the same time there is plenty of sincere struggle that you hear.”

'Maker' starts things off as a dark and misty opener, offering up some big synth sounds layered with haunting vocals. On 'How We Woke Up' the vocals come off with a nice little drawl. From the first two songs The Moth & The Flame show a talent in there music and song writing. There is definitely a confidence in their music, and you can tell this is a band that believes in what they are creating. Both 'Home' and 'Goodbye' give a nice change of pace slower side to the music with once again showcasing the vocals and letting them control where the songs go. 'Lullabye II' finds its way right square in the middle of the album and it is slow song perfection as it takes you on a mini personal journey.

The second half of the album seems to be a little fuller in its sound. '&' was my favorite song from the album as it shows more guitar sounds then any other song on the album. I felt that the guitar gently over powered the vocals and actually gave the song some edge which was a nice change. I would love to hear more guitar polished tunes like this from TM&TF in future releases. 'Entitled' and 'Dreamer' both feel very complete as individual songs, as they give the listener a little taste of everything. 'The Hunt' closes up the album perfectly, offering up all those chilling, laid back vocals and music heard in the previous 8 songs. It almost could be said that it is the "Conclusion" to the story the album was telling, and what that story is, is totally up to each individual listener.

Overall this album is a steady debut from The Moth & The Flame which tends to be heavy on the soft vocals and haunting guitars and keyboard. The 9 songs all work well together and go hand in hand with each other. There is no real single you would pull from here, it truly is a complete album and for the full experience it should be listened to with that intent.


The Moth & The Flame Tracklisting:
1. Maker
2. How We Woke Up
3. Home
4. Goodbye
5. Lullaby
6. &
7. Entitled
8. Dreamer
9. The Hunt

The Moth & The Flame Debut Album by TheMoth&TheFlame

Where to Find The Moth & The Flame:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gorillaz "The Singles Collection: 2001-2011"

This week the Gorillaz released an album titled "The Singles Collection: 2001-2011," which is a collection of the groups singles released between 2001 and 2011. The album is available in four different editions: standard, deluxe, 12" vinyl and 7" single box set.

Standard Album / 12" Vinyl
1. Tomorrow Comes Today
2. Clint Eastwood
3. 19/2000
4. Rock The House
5. Feel Good Inc.
6. DARE" 3:33
7. Dirty Harry
8. Kids With Guns
9. El Manana
10. Stylo (ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def)
11. Superfast Jellyfish (ft. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul)
12. On Melancholy Hill
13. Doncamatic (ft. Daley)
14. Clint Eastwood" (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix Edit)
15. 19/2000" (Soulchild Remix)

Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD
1. Tomorrow Comes Today
2. Clint Eastwood
3. 19/2000
4. Rock The House
5. Feel Good Inc.
7. Dirty Harry
8. El Manana
9. Stylo
10. On Melancholy Hill
11. Doncamatic
12. 19/2000" (Soulchild Remix
13. Charts Of Darkness: Documentary"
14. Clint Eastwood" (Live At The BRIT Awards)
15. Dirty Harry" (Live At The BRIT Awards)
16. 3x Trailers

7" Single Box Set
1. Clint Eastwood
2. Clint Eastwood (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix Edit)
3. 19/2000
4. 19/2000 (Soulchild Remix)
5. Rock The House
6. Tomorrow Comes Today
7. Feel Good Inc.
9 Dirty Harry
10. Kids With Guns
11. El Manana
12. Stylo
13. Superfast Jellyfish
14. On Melancholy Hill
15. Rhinestone Eyes
16. Doncamatic

Kishi Bashi's making a Debut Album

Multi-instrumentalist, Kishi Bashi (of Montreal, Jupiter One) is in the process recording his debut solo album. He posted a preview of the project on his Facebook and Kickstarter page and so far it sounds incredible. He also released an EP earlier this year titled "Room for Dream," which I posted for stream below.

Visit his kickstarter page to help promote this wonderful project:

Bon Iver - Deluxe Edition - Video Album

The Deluxe Edition of Bon Iver's highly acclaimed sophomore album is available now via the iTunes store. The Deluxe Edition finds every track from the album accompanied by its very own video. Each video have been put online for fans to view. The 10 videos are all featured below and were all directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen.  Now getting to hear Vernon's near perfect album attached with some visuals, makes this album that much more dreamy and perfect.  If you have an ipad this has to be a must have for any fan.  Almost makes me want to shell out the $500 for an ipad, just for the full experience.

Bon Iver 'Deluxe Edition' Video Album Tracklisting:
01. Perth

02. Minnesota, WI

03. Holocene

04. Towers

05. Michicant

06. Hinnom, TX

07. Wash.

08. Calgary

09. Lisbon, OH

10. Beth/Rest

Monday, November 28, 2011

LISTEN: Of Montreal – “Wintered Debts”

Athens, GA indie pop crew Of Montreal have released a few tracks from their upcoming eleventh studio album, Paralytic Stalks, which is set for release in early 2012. From what we’ve heard so far, frontman Kevin Barnes takes a more mature approach on this album, with less dancy electronics and more structured guitar-based tunes. But Barnes’ impeccable songwriting ability still shines through here, as tracks like “Wintered Debts” are still catchy and well-produced. Check out “Wintered Debts” below.

Wintered Debts by of Montreal

On A Friday (Radiohead) - Fragile Friend

Here's a third song from the 1986 On A Friday demo tape. We heard "Girl (In the Purple Dress)" and "Everyone Knows" just last week now we get a listen at 'Fragile Friend' All songs were recorded at Abingdon School, and feature Thom Yorke's 17 year old voice and were recorded before Jonny Greenwood joined the band.

Matthew Good - Non Populus (Live at the Edge)

Here is a live look in at Matthew Good playing a live Sugar Beach Session at the 102.1 the Edge studio. He is Canadian royalty in my books, check out FPT's review of Matthew Good - Lights of Endangered Species

Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX - VIDEO

Bon Iver will release a Deluxe Edition of their critically acclaimed second album Bon Iver via iTunes. The album will bring with it ten short films, one for each track. TIME was given early access to the short films, and producers were kind enough to allow them to debut 'Hinnom, TX' a day early.  For more information and to view the video, head over to Time's website.

In the meantime check out this awesome live version of 'For Emma' from Paris' Pitchfork Festival 10/29/2011.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Atlas Sound- Parallax REVIEW

With Parallax, Atlas Sound becomes quite more than the side project of Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox- it is arguably now the artist’s main event. Not to take away from Cox’s earlier solo accomplishments- both 2008’s Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel and 2010’s Logos were outstanding exercises in cozy, experimental bedroom-electronica. A more robust version of Atlas Sound is on display here though. Shedding all sonic traces of the heroin-addled My Bloody Valentine that characterized his previous work, Parallax effectively bridges the gap between intimacy and breadth that rendered the earlier records just this side of alienating. While the development is striking, it is not altogether unexpected. Here, Cox offers a full-blooded embrace of the subtle, soulful tendencies hinted throughout his solo work. Atlas Sound has never seemed quite so independent and self-sustainable. And for that reason, it sounds completely fresh.

Beginning with “The Shakes”, Parallax establishes a definitive pulse for it’s twelve song tracklist via an affinity for the 21st century post-rockabilly croon. It is here where the past and more ghostly inclinations of Atlas Sound mold comfortably with the present. Parallax exhibits no reservations for creepiness, but the spirit is more alive here than it’s ever been- therefore, songs like “Te Amo” and “My Angel is Broken” are able to evolve beyond whimsical afterthoughts, hitting harder and more directly. Whereas Let the Blind and Logos seemingly embodied a whispered secret and its subsequent trust, Parallax outs itself as the truth within.
It is a credit to Cox that this record maintains the trademark mystique of Atlas Sound, while still emphasizing the clarity of the music itself. And for these reasons, Parallax feels endlessly mesmerizing- Atlas Sound is finally alive and breathing, unsure of where to go next.


te amo // atlas sound by sexmusic

Atlas Sound - My Angel Is Broken by Surfing on Steam

Atlas Sound - Lightworks by DCH101

- Fr. Jones

Fleet Foxes - The Shrine / An Argument VIDEO

Here is the official video for Fleet Foxes "The Shrine / An Argument" from the 2011 album, Helplessness Blues. Over 8 minutes of pure music bliss here.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Moth & the Flame - Lullaby II

The Occidental Saloon Presents
Local Provo Utah Artist
The Moth and the Flame
Performing "Lullaby II"

This particular video just features both:
Brandon Taft Robbins - vocals/guitar
Mark Garbett - keys/vocals

Check out more on Moth and The Flame also check out more videos from The Occidental Saloon

I will be back with a full review of the Moth and The Flame's debut album in the next few weeks. For now enjoy the video/song for 'Lullaby II'

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fitz & The Tantrums - Santa Stole My Lady

Here is a treat from Fitz & The Tantrums, here is what they left in my inbox...
Happy Holidays!!

On this black Friday please take some time out and visit our holiday single page for "Santa Stole My Lady" which is now available as a limited edition 7" and download.

Thank you for all of your LOV and support this year! We hope to see you soon!


Fitz and The Tantrums

The Vaccines - Tiger Blood VIDEO

Here is the official video for The Vaccines 'Tiger Blood'. Short and simple.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Serenades - Oceans (White Sea Remix)

NME has another remix version of the song for you, as remixed by M83's Morgan Kibby (under her side project White Sea). Check out NME exclusive remix below along with the original video and version of the song.

Serenades - 'Oceans' White Sea Remix (Morgan Kibby from M83) by rebecca_schiller

Little Vegas Lies - Standing Room Only

Little Vegas Lies are a West Yorkshire 5 piece band that formed in mid 2010 after a conversation between Simon Moore and Steve McNamara about the current state of the music industry. This resulted with the conclusion that music has ‘lost its soul’. Within a year of formation, the band self funded the release of their debut EP ‘A Truth Not Far Away’

They are now set to release their newest EP 'The Domino EP' which will be released on the 12th of December. The first song I have heard off of the EP is 'Standing Room Only' and it is featured below. The song shows a band that has some big time potential, as they light up their guitars, pound the drums and frontman Simon Moore's vocals compliment it all in perfect harmony. You can hear all of their British Rock band influences in their music but you also get the sense that this is a band that can make it on their own individual sound. 'Standing Room Only' sounds very polished and shows a band that believes in their music and is not afraid to take chances.

The Domino EP Tracklisting:
1. Standing Room Only
2. Domino
3. Hang Fire
4. Set Me On Fire

Monday, November 21, 2011

Frankie & The Heartstrings – Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)

Frankie & The Heartstrings are a five-piece guitar based rock band from Sunderland, Great Britain. Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) produced their debut full length, Hunger, released in the UK and Europe earlier this year. The critically acclaimed album stormed the charts with a UK Top 40 entry, a laudable feat for independent music. Hunger sees its US release courtesy of Witchita Recordings tomorrow, November 22, 2011. The US release of Hunger features a brand new song, "Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)", which you can stream and listen to below.

Overseas, Frankie & The Heartstrings have supported acts as varied as Kaiser Chiefs, Florence and the Machine, and The Futureheads, and performed at no less than 30 European festivals in summer 2011. They will be touring with The Vaccines in the UK/Europe in November/December.

Check out my review of Hunger from back in March
Frankie And The Heartstrings - Hunger REVIEW

Frankie & The Heartstrings - Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light) by Wichita Recordings

Hear Two Previously Unreleased Radiohead Demos- "Girl (In the Purple Dress)" and "Everyone Knows"

Two previously unreleased Radiohead tracks, dating all the way back to the On a Friday-years of 1986, have surfaced online. Recorded for On a Friday's debut demo, when the band was solely Thom Yorke and Colin Greenwood, you can check out "Girl (In the Purple Dress)" and "Everyone Knows" below.

The tunes are actually pretty good.

- Fr. Jones

The Maccabees - Pelican

Here is the first listen to new music from The Maccabees. The Maccabees new single 'Pelican' will be released January 1st 2012, and it will be followed by the bands 3rd album Given To The Wild which will be released January 9th 2012. Check out the albums tracklisting, teaser video, and take a listen to 'Pelican' all below.  Pelican sounds like a well polished tune, and it really puts The Maccabees back on the map in a big way. 

Given To The Wild Tracklisting:
01. Child
02. Pelican
03. Feel To Follow
04. Ayla
05. Glimmer
06. Forever I've Known
07. Heave
08. Go
09. Unknow
10. Went Away
11. Slowly One
12. Grew Up At Midnight

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mumford & Sons - The Enemy

Trying to find new music from Mumford & Sons is pretty near impossible at the moment. Since their successful debut Sigh No More the band have kept quiet in regards to any new album, but it is rumoured they have started recording the sophomore album but just no solid details yet. They have played a new song 'Ghost That We Knew' live several times but that has been pretty much it. Now there is another song that has surfaced titled 'The Enemy' which will be featured on Andrea Arnold's 2011 film adaptation of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. It is a quick 1:10 minute peak into the song but it sounds solid and worthy of the additional waiting period. Check out the songs lyrics and YouTube preview below.

Give me hope in silence, it's easier, it's kinder.
Tell me not of heartbreak, it plagues my soul, it plagues my soul.
Bury me beside you, i have no hope in solitude.
And the world will follow to the earth, down below.
But i came and i was nothing.
Time will give us nothing.
Why did you choose to lean on
A man you knew was falling?

School of Seven Bells - Ghostory ALBUM PREVIEW

School of Seven Bells will be back with their third album 'Ghostory' which will be available February 28th on Vagrant Records/Ghostly International. The band which was formerly a trio are now just a duo consisting of: guitarist Benjamin Curtis and vocalist Alejandra Deheza. Ghostory was recorded in between tours and brings with it the familiar 80's pop and showgaze sounds that we have become accustomed to. Although, Ghostory does come with a particular story in mind, a tale of a young girl named Lafaye and the ghosts that surround her life.

Vocalist Alejandra Deheza has this to say about Ghostory; “Everyone has ghosts”, “They're every love you've ever had, every hurt, every betrayal, every heartbreak. They follow you, stay with you.” Guitarist Benjamin Curtis says this about the album “Ghostory is our most collaborative music to date,” “Alley (Alejandra) and I have always written our music together, but always independently and on our own time. We knew we wanted to do something that was more sensual and spontaneous than anything we had ever done before, and that meant writing together in a room, coming up with ideas quickly and immediately reacting to what the other person was doing.”

Ghostory will feature new songs such as 'Love Play', 'Show Me Love', 'Lafaye', and 'Scavenger'.  Until we get a cut from the album lets go back in time and take a good long listen to 'Half Asleep'.

Ghostory Tracklist:
01 The Night
02 Love Play
03 Lafaye
04 Low Times
05 Reappear
06 Show Me Love
07 Scavenger
08 White Wind
09 When You Sing

Beach Fossils Spawn Two Side Projects: Heavenly Beat and Dive

The members of Beach Fossils have been keeping busy with a slew of side projects, although they diverge in sound: Whereas John Pena’s Heavenly Beat sounds like lazy beach music you’d hear at an oceanfront bar, guitarist Zachary Cole Smith has taken a more ethereal sounding approach with his project Dive, choosing to employ layers of echoed guitars for a more intricate feeling. Check out Heavenly Beat’s “Faithless” and Dive’s “Sometime” below.

Heavenly Beat - “Faithless” by Creeping Wave

DIVE // Sometime by TheArtOf...


Last week FPT featured the single 'Call Me An Animal' by the band I am in Love.  It was an instant dark and dreary hit in our books, and we were determined to find out more about them.  The Leicester via London band kindly took a few minutes to answer some questions from FPT's writer, James Brimacombe.  We discussed who they really are and we take a stab at finding out what animal they really are...    and you may be surprised by their answer.

JB:  First off, who is this band called I Am In Love? 
We’re a four piece from Leicester via London now – we’ve been in London for 2 months. Specifically we are Sebastian, Martin, Nicci and Edmund.

JB:  Congrats on your 3-Track EP ‘Call Me An Animal’ (released November 21st). What were the recording sessions like for the EP?
Well, we actually recorded eight tracks back in February/March time which have been released in Europe via Velocity Sounds and Rough Trade as a mini-album, but for the UK, we wanted to choose our 3 favourite tracks to release as an EP. The sessions were good, we worked with a producer in Leicester called Paul Wong. He’s pretty incredible and we’re really happy with the work we have done with him, especially as our budget was so small. We went into the studio with some rough demos and had an idea of what the songs would sound like. Wong had his own ideas too and the songs grew into something dark and menacing in places. We think they sound pretty unique really.

JB:  The video for Call Me an Animal is well done and showcases the bands intense/dark/retro vibe, almost a throwback to something from the 80’s early 90’s era. How did this song and video come together?
The song changed quite drastically during the recording process. Original demos sound more disco house, but we wanted it to be darker and that’s what it has become. The video matches the dark feel of the song. We worked with Wetheconspirators on the video – they’re a Leicester based film company, and they wanted it to be us playing our instruments so that’s what we did. We used projections of animals too but you can’t really see them in the video!

JB:  How do you guys view your own sound?
We have so many influences that make up our sound and we get compared to loads of bands that we love. We are never sure how do describe our music when people ask, but dark/love/pop music seems to sit nicely for us. Essentially, we write music that we enjoy to play, and that is important for us. Don’t write what you think other people want, as the music will lose all depth and meaning.

JB:  Are the comparisons to The Cure, New Order, and Joy Division fair? What artists and bands have influenced I Am In Love?
We guess they are fair. I mean, all of those bands are amazing and we’re thankful that we’re mentioned in the same breath as them! They have been a big influence but so have bands like Foals and Bloc Party, even Friendly Fires to some extent.

JB:  Should fans expect a full length follow-up any time soon?
We have the mini-album which is available in Europe and via the internet, called, 'Of Regard and Affection', and it’s actually being released via Pirate Ship Records in America too which is amazing! Hopefully we will be able to visit the States sometime soon.

JB:  For those of us States Side are there any other hidden gem bands from overseas that we need to be aware of?
Check out O. Children and Clock Opera. Both are brilliant. Our good friends Dark Dark Horse, Maybeshewill and Deadwax too.

JB:  Lastly, the question everyone really wants to know is what animal are you really?
Blue Whale – They’re huge!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


WU LYF debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain has been one of the real gems of 2011 in my eyes. What or who are WU LYF exactly?, and why have I not heard any music like this before? You pronounce the bands name "Woo Life", and it has come out that the initials stand for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. But the real story behind the Manchester band is the music that they have blessed us with. Although their name may seem a bit frightening or out of place their music almost has a spiritual effect and listening to the album becomes contagious. Remember those times you first listened to Sigur Ros and were blown away by their uniqueness and you couldn't understand anything in the lyrics but if just flowed beautifully? Well WU LYF have that same effect, you just continue to listen to the album and wonder what is even going on but you just can't stop listening and then the music itself over takes you.

Here is WU LYF latest single/video 'We Bros' and you now get a little visual magic mixed in with the audio. Such a great track and video. 'We Bros' was directed by Sam Pilling