Monday, November 14, 2011

City and Colour (Live Review)

I had the gratification to see City and Colour, the side project of Dallas Green, play In the Venue in Salt Lake City Friday November 11. Knowing City and Colour was coming into town I hurried to become aquatinted with some of the tracks just days before the show. I probably listened to his latest album "Little Hell" about 7 times over and over again. Sometimes the best shows are the ones you go into with little knowledge, completely unbiased. This was one of those shows. You could tell a lot of the individuals in attendance were Alexisonfire fans, but regardless I feel kind of silly for not realizing how big of a following City and Colour actually has. For good reason too. His live show resembles his albums, very personal and sincere. Half of the show he was accompanied by a band, while the other half was a man and his guitar. At one point he requested that everyone in attendance to turn off there cellphones and cameras in attempt to remember what it was like to experience a show without trying extra hard to capture it. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and absolutely admire the diversity and skill Green has. I would highly recommend seeing City and Colour if the opportunity ever comes, and I'm sure it will.

If you are unfamiliar with City and Colour, his music is readily available out there on the world wide web or if you'd like you can migrate here to sample a few tracks:

We Found Each Other in The Dark
The Death of Me
The Grand Optimist (personal favorite)
As Much as I Ever Could
Day Old Hate
Body in a Box
What Makes a Man?
The Girl
Little Hell
Sleeping Sickness
Fragile Bird
Sorrowing Man

Comin' Home

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