Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grouplove - Never Trust A Happy Song REVIEW

Grouplove have been on my playlist for awhile now, starting with their debut EP from last year. Their catchy tunes of Colours and Naked Kids help put that EP on the map in a big way. Now they are back with a full length debut album titled Never Trust A Happy Song. Grouplove are a bunch of laid back musicians that enjoy sharing their music with their fans, an example of this was how they announced the album on their blog... "We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it. Never Trust a Happy Song is truly a Grouplove collaboration! We are so amped that our songs are yours to take with you now". The first single from the album 'Itchin’ on a Photograph' is a good opener that shows off exactly what Grouplove are all about - just having fun and not worrying about anything (almost like being a grown up kid). 'Tongue Tied' is a catchy pop song which goes nicely with this album as it is full of summer tunes. 'Lovely Cup' continues on the pop sounds here though there are better songs then this on the album, I wouldn't call it filler but it is close.

'Colours' is a song that has been floating around for sometime now on the bands EP. It is a song that would fall under the summer jam category. It comes with big pop sounds making it burst to the seam with it's catchiness. "We call it life, oh yeah that's what we call it..." 'Slow' is a simple song with nothing special going on but it gets stuck in your head and I enjoy it's repetitiveness. The constant vocals of  "time moves slow" will ring in your ears after and might even force you to come back and listen again. 'Naked Kids' just like Colours was also featured on the bands debut EP. This is my guilty pleasure song of the year. Despite it's disturbing song title, it is just an all around fun song. The lyrics are just about chilling around town with your buddies and having no responsibilities what so ever. I guarantee if you listen once you will find it hard to get those lyrics out of your head.

A few other album highlights are 'Betty’s a Bombshell' which I would put in the same category as 'Naked Kids' but just toned down a little bit. 'Cruel and Beautiful World' offers a great banjo sound mixed with some easing vocals that make the song a nice sit back and bitch about all your problems type of song. Grouplove's debut effort Never Trust a Happy Song is the type of album you would want to spin after a tough day and want to just sit back and not think about anything. It is a fun, humorous, and has a familiar sound of growing up, it is an all around enjoyable summer pop album.


Never Trust A Happy Song Tracklist:
01. Itchin’ on a Photograph
02. Tongue Tied
03. Lovely Cup
04. Colours
05. Slow
06. Naked Kids
07. Spun
08. Betty’s a Bombshell
09. Chloe
10. Love Will Save Your Soul
11. Cruel and Beautiful World
12. Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten


  1. best album and best new band by far, soon be huge.
    the album is astounding

  2. although the review is very good, the album is much deeper than the reviewer gives credit. Besides Grouplove being a mindblowing live experience, the album will be a breakthrough record..they're playing Letterman soon

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Let me know when that Letterman gig is at.