Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Vegas Lies - Standing Room Only

Little Vegas Lies are a West Yorkshire 5 piece band that formed in mid 2010 after a conversation between Simon Moore and Steve McNamara about the current state of the music industry. This resulted with the conclusion that music has ‘lost its soul’. Within a year of formation, the band self funded the release of their debut EP ‘A Truth Not Far Away’

They are now set to release their newest EP 'The Domino EP' which will be released on the 12th of December. The first song I have heard off of the EP is 'Standing Room Only' and it is featured below. The song shows a band that has some big time potential, as they light up their guitars, pound the drums and frontman Simon Moore's vocals compliment it all in perfect harmony. You can hear all of their British Rock band influences in their music but you also get the sense that this is a band that can make it on their own individual sound. 'Standing Room Only' sounds very polished and shows a band that believes in their music and is not afraid to take chances.

The Domino EP Tracklisting:
1. Standing Room Only
2. Domino
3. Hang Fire
4. Set Me On Fire


  1. awesome new band lets hope they get signed too many bad bands are slipping thru the net n good ones like lvl not getting signed!!

  2. Very true. Solid tune all around in my opinion, seems worthy of some Record Label lovin

  3. Great song! Like Manic Street Preachers!