Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Sigur Ros album this Spring

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Sigur Ros will be back with a new album in early 2012. This news comes just when the band is set to release their live double album 'Inni' next week. So it sounds as if the hiatus is officially over, which for any music fan is a really good thing.

This is taken from that WSJ article...
The band's next album is scheduled for release in the spring. Based on excerpts presented by Mr. Sveinsson, the new music promises to be as exceptional as the best of the band's catalog. Mr. Hólm called it "introverted," while Mr. Birgisson said it was "floaty and minimal." "An ambient album" was how Mr. Dýrason described it, with "a slow takeoff toward something." For a visitor who heard a preliminary recording in which Mr. Birgisson's falsetto was surrounded by rich choral voices and what sounded like a pipe organ, the music was thrilling.

"We've never been gimmicked into keeping our sound similar to what we did last," Mr. Sveinsson said. "It's very easy for musicians to buy into that idea. It's so unnecessary."

From the start, Mr. Sveinsson added, "we were mainly interested in what we were doing. We knew it was special. It's never theoretical with us. It's just 'go do.' When you're doing it, you think: 'This is really good.' But it doesn't go further than that."

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