Friday, November 18, 2011


Last week FPT featured the single 'Call Me An Animal' by the band I am in Love.  It was an instant dark and dreary hit in our books, and we were determined to find out more about them.  The Leicester via London band kindly took a few minutes to answer some questions from FPT's writer, James Brimacombe.  We discussed who they really are and we take a stab at finding out what animal they really are...    and you may be surprised by their answer.

JB:  First off, who is this band called I Am In Love? 
We’re a four piece from Leicester via London now – we’ve been in London for 2 months. Specifically we are Sebastian, Martin, Nicci and Edmund.

JB:  Congrats on your 3-Track EP ‘Call Me An Animal’ (released November 21st). What were the recording sessions like for the EP?
Well, we actually recorded eight tracks back in February/March time which have been released in Europe via Velocity Sounds and Rough Trade as a mini-album, but for the UK, we wanted to choose our 3 favourite tracks to release as an EP. The sessions were good, we worked with a producer in Leicester called Paul Wong. He’s pretty incredible and we’re really happy with the work we have done with him, especially as our budget was so small. We went into the studio with some rough demos and had an idea of what the songs would sound like. Wong had his own ideas too and the songs grew into something dark and menacing in places. We think they sound pretty unique really.

JB:  The video for Call Me an Animal is well done and showcases the bands intense/dark/retro vibe, almost a throwback to something from the 80’s early 90’s era. How did this song and video come together?
The song changed quite drastically during the recording process. Original demos sound more disco house, but we wanted it to be darker and that’s what it has become. The video matches the dark feel of the song. We worked with Wetheconspirators on the video – they’re a Leicester based film company, and they wanted it to be us playing our instruments so that’s what we did. We used projections of animals too but you can’t really see them in the video!

JB:  How do you guys view your own sound?
We have so many influences that make up our sound and we get compared to loads of bands that we love. We are never sure how do describe our music when people ask, but dark/love/pop music seems to sit nicely for us. Essentially, we write music that we enjoy to play, and that is important for us. Don’t write what you think other people want, as the music will lose all depth and meaning.

JB:  Are the comparisons to The Cure, New Order, and Joy Division fair? What artists and bands have influenced I Am In Love?
We guess they are fair. I mean, all of those bands are amazing and we’re thankful that we’re mentioned in the same breath as them! They have been a big influence but so have bands like Foals and Bloc Party, even Friendly Fires to some extent.

JB:  Should fans expect a full length follow-up any time soon?
We have the mini-album which is available in Europe and via the internet, called, 'Of Regard and Affection', and it’s actually being released via Pirate Ship Records in America too which is amazing! Hopefully we will be able to visit the States sometime soon.

JB:  For those of us States Side are there any other hidden gem bands from overseas that we need to be aware of?
Check out O. Children and Clock Opera. Both are brilliant. Our good friends Dark Dark Horse, Maybeshewill and Deadwax too.

JB:  Lastly, the question everyone really wants to know is what animal are you really?
Blue Whale – They’re huge!

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