Thursday, November 17, 2011


WU LYF debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain has been one of the real gems of 2011 in my eyes. What or who are WU LYF exactly?, and why have I not heard any music like this before? You pronounce the bands name "Woo Life", and it has come out that the initials stand for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. But the real story behind the Manchester band is the music that they have blessed us with. Although their name may seem a bit frightening or out of place their music almost has a spiritual effect and listening to the album becomes contagious. Remember those times you first listened to Sigur Ros and were blown away by their uniqueness and you couldn't understand anything in the lyrics but if just flowed beautifully? Well WU LYF have that same effect, you just continue to listen to the album and wonder what is even going on but you just can't stop listening and then the music itself over takes you.

Here is WU LYF latest single/video 'We Bros' and you now get a little visual magic mixed in with the audio. Such a great track and video. 'We Bros' was directed by Sam Pilling

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