Thursday, December 8, 2011

Milk Music - Beyond Living

If you went through adolescence in the early to mid 90's, you probably have a real soft spot for great guitar centric grunge rock. Thats why you owe it to yourself to give this track from Olympia, WA based Milk Music a serious listen.

'Beyond Living' isn't exactly grunge, but it certainly finds some roots there both in sound and geographically. More of a mix of some Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, The Replacements and some fuzzy guitar similarities to Canada's terrific P.S. I Love You in certain regards. It doesn't have the feel to me that the band is trying to be overly nostalgic with their music, it is just what naturally comes out of the amps.

After a few listens it makes you jacked up enough that you think you should be trashing stuff at a house party or taking someone's car for an off-road joyride in an ode to teenage stupidity we all experienced in some form. It really takes some nice work to come up with something that feels familiar but fresh at the same time, but it seems like Milk Music has just done that.

The band don't have a website or a myspace as of yet, even though they have been around since last year, so they can be a bit tricky to track down. Although there are a number of tracks available on YouTube and Soundcloud. The band has been working on some new tracks, some of which are available to hear from a live set for WFMU (NJ) HERE.

Another great track from the Beyond Living EP - "Fertile Ground"

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