Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Music from the Black Keys, The Roots, & Common

I'm a little behind on this. Two new albums , which both are on my top 25 list, were released last Tuesday December 6th.

The Roots "Undun"

Undun is the eleventh studio album by the Legendary Roots Crew, and also the first concept album. I read that the album details the life of a fictional character, "Redford Stevens." Either way the album this album is amazing and I highly recommend you listen to it.

1. "Dun"
2. "Sleep"
3. "Make My"
4. "One Time"
5. "Kool On"
6. "The OtherSide"
7. "Stomp"
8. "Lighthouse"
9. "I Remember"
10. "Tip the Scale"
11. "Redford"
12. "Possibility"
13. "Will to Power"
14. "Finality"

The Black Keys "El Camino"

El Camino is the Seventh studio album, by the Black Keys. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, placing less emphasis on blues, drawing more influence from American music from the 1950s-1970s. Such as: rock and roll, glam rock, R&B, rockabilly, and surf rock. The album received positive reviews from critics and debuted at number two on billboard charts. This is another great great album from the Black Keys!

El Camino
1. Lonely Boy
2. Dead and Gone
3. Gold on the Ceiling
4. Little Black Submarines
5. Money Maker
6. Run Right Back
7. Sister
8. Hell of a Season
9. Stop Stop
10. Nova Baby
11. Mind Eraser

Common "The Dreamer/The Believer"
The ninth studio album from Chicago based rapper Common. To be released on December 20th. As quoted by Common,"It's going to be positive hip-hop. Hip-hop that can really generate good spirit, the spirit of the music and just good energy, I'm excited about the album 'The Dreamer, The Believer'. I feel blessed that I got to work with No I.D. I'm enthused to do hip-hop, which is something that I have to do when I feel it. It's the spirit and energy of hip-hop that made you just enjoy it and love the music and not feel like, 'Man, is this gonna sell?' or 'I sold this many.' It's stuff that made you feel something, it's stuff that you can use that inspired your life. I think about hip-hop like Brand Nubian and KRS-One and N.W.A. and Rakim, that stuff inspired my life. Those things really shaped who I am." This is another album that is in the running to be on my top 25 albums of the year list. I feel like it's a little different from previous Common albums, but sometimes different is good. I like it.

The Dreamer/The Believer
1. The Dreamer
2. Ghetto Dreams
3. Blue Sky
4. So Sweet
5. Gold
6. Lovin' I Lost
7. Raw (How You Like It)
8. Cloth
9. Celebrate
10. Windows
11. The Believer
12. Pops Belief

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