Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rest - Always On My Mind / The Last Day

Finally getting around to posting something about 'The Rest'. They are a terrific band from Hamilton, Ontario that released their last album "Everyone All At Once" back in 2009, a four track EP in 2010 and are on the verge of releasing their new LP this coming February titled "Seesaw".

To go into a bit of history of the band, they've shown a great deal of versatility in their relatively short life and have contributed to tracks for a Smith's Tribute as well as an Indie Lullabies collection (Pure Imagination of Willy Wonka fame, which must be checked out!).

The Rest also has a pretty interesting relationship with beer which is worth mentioning, as documented on their label's website:
"Bass player Matty Buzanko apprenticed at a small brewery on the outskirts of Hamilton for three years. It wasn't long before Matty started making people swoon over his IPA, and hunger for his award winning Scotch Ale. The Rest began having parties/concerts/film nights/crafts and geeks workshops celebrating this barley business. These gatherings funded two records and an EP, (which was released) in the spring of 2010."

New Tracks - "Always On My Mind" and "The Last Day" show the band has developed their sound since their previous releases and show more confidence and poise. Both of these great tracks can be downloaded for free on the band's Bandcamp page or played below. Check out a copy of "Everyone All At Once" on iTunes.

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