Friday, January 6, 2012

Air - Sonic Armada

Here is another new tune from Air's forthcoming soundtrack to the recently restored and colored version of the Georges Melies 1901 film 'Le Voyage dans la Lune'. 'Sonic Armada' is a very haunting mysterious number that keeps your mind on edge, a great listen if you want to leave this world for a good 2:38 minutes.  French Electronica at its best.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune Tracklisting:
01. Astronomic Club
02. Seven Stars
03. Retour Sur Terre
04. Parade
05. Moon Fever
06. Sonic Armada
07. Who Am I Know?
08. D├ęcollage
09. Cosmic Trip
10. Homme Lune
11. Lava