Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bear in Heaven Release "The Reflection of You"

Bear in Heaven started as a night and weekend kind of band, a casual hobby vs a career path. But, in 2010 with their album "Beast Rest Forth Mouth" , brought listeners an unexpected, but enjoyable futuristic sound. It also, brought the band an unexpected success. They toured the globe playing some 200 shows in support of the album, while building an elaborate stage show. After it was all said and done, the band returned to Brooklyn where they spent days and sometimes weeks building one song at a time. Arranging, and rearranging. After months of recording, they emerged with "I Love You, It's Cool."

With the release of "I Love You, It's Cool" set for release on April 3rd, their music is sharper and more sophisticated. I don't think I can say it any better than as quoted, "The Reflection of You feels like a hit, with a hook that instantly catches and a bridge that curls its finger—lyrically, stylistically, temptingly—toward the dance floor. Philpot’s mix of nostalgia and need is immediately relatable, too, bringing the band’s exploratory sounds a little closer back to home. But the song exits in a moment space-rock ascendance, a readymade rock-club banger that erupts into a bold new direction."

01. Idle Heart
02. The Reflection Of You
03. Noon Moon
04. Sinful Nature
05. Cool Light
06. Kiss Me Crazy
07. World Of Freakout
08. Warm Water
09. Space Remains
10. Sweetness & Sickness

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