Monday, January 23, 2012

Play It Forward: And The Giraffe

And The Giraffe are a duo out of Gainesville, Florida who title their music in the "Ambient Dream Folk" genre. After taking a few listens to their newest single/video 'Underground Love' you get a feeling of a very somber and dreamy type of blend that makes you want to continue to come back to their musical mystery. The video for 'Underground Love' kind of does their sound justice as you listen to the song you keep thinking to yourself what is it that I am wanting to discover or find out about in their music?  The video shows a gift that is being travelled person to person and what is inside nobody really knows, but finding its owner and who it belongs to is the real purpose.

And The Giraffe have a perfect blue print for developing a relaxing and dreamy sound. Take a good long listen to 'Underground Love' and see where the music takes you.

Getting To Know And The Giraffe:

Group Members:
Nick Roberts
Josh Morris

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