Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Play It Forward: Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius are an unsigned band out of Australia. They have successfully self-produced their own music, and they have recorded their own record out of a home studio over the past 3 years. The band consist of 3 brothers Keith (vocals), Steven (bass), Michael (drums) and the fourth member is Darren (keyboards).  The first song they recorded is 'Trojans' and an acoustic version just premiered over at MTV 2 the other day. It is hard to find much wrong with their first single 'Trojans', the song floats around in your head right up there with all the other current indie gems. The song is almost a teaser of sorts wanting you to hear more from the band and find out if they really are for real.  Either way 'Trojans' is an indie pop jam that will be stuck in your head for sometime - 'Pumped Up Kicks' anyone?

Getting To Know Atlas Genius:

Group Members:
Keith - Guitar & Vocals
Darren - Keyboard
Steven - Bass Guitar
Michael - Drums

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