Friday, January 27, 2012

Play It Forward: Breton

Breton are more then your average London band, they are a unique blend of artistic talent that is combined with the arts of music and film. There is a unique mystic about them and their associated BretonLABS name tag. They currently have a fantastic EP that you can pick up for free on their Facebook page titled Blanket Rule EP. They are also set up to release their debut album Other People's Problems on March 27th via FatCat Records. You can take a listen and check out the video for 'The Commission' below which will be the first cut from the new album.

The song offers the listener a sense of escape and a belief that one can accomplish anything. It is some what of a soul searching experience that the music takes you on. The album was recorded in Iceland at Sigur Ros' Sundlaugin studio, if that gives you a sense of what kind of experience you are in for.  Also check out the song/video 'Edward The Confessor' as it offers up some WU LYF angst simularities.  Overall, Breton is a band that you will want to keep on your radar and be sure to give their album Other People's Problems a serious listen.

Getting To Know Breton:
FREE: Blanket Rule EP

Band Members:
Roman Rappak
Adam Ainger
Ian Patterson
Daniel McIlvenny
Alex Wadey

BLANKET RULE - EP by bretonlabs

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