Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play It Forward: The Cast of Cheers

The Cast of Cheers are a 4-piece band out of Dublin, and they put them self in the Robot Rock genre. Back in 2010 they put their debut album 'Chariot' on bandcamp for free for all to enjoy. They recorded the album in a total of 3 days, and the album went on to rack up 150,000 downloads. They now have their proper debut single 'Family' set for release on February 20th via School Boy Error/Cooperative Music.

'Family' is the first single from their proper debut album which is set to see its release later in 2012. The Cast of Cheers have a very upbeat tempo to their music, it comes at you fast and never slows down. Their music is a cross between The Futureheads meets Foals meets Bloc Party. They are currently on tour, co-headlining with another up and coming promising band Theme Park. Take a good listen to both 'Family' and 'Goose' and you will get a feel for the bands high energy, dance floor anthems.

Getting to Know The Cast of Cheers:

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