Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Play It Forward: Devin

Brooklyn, NY seems to be a draw for musical talent, and that is exactly where Devin is from. Devin is not just another name to add to the ongoing list of credible music acts that have surfaced out of Brooklyn. With all the indie/showgaze up and coming bands from NY, Devin gets back to that edgy raw Rock n Roll sound that has been missing for a few years. Devin Therriault is the man who makes up Devin. He brings with him a heavy dose of vintage guitar rock that is never shy. After taking a few listens to the track 'You're Mine' I felt a strong resemblence to the Arctic Monkeys earlier days. NME also pegged him as sounding like "a youthful Costello - mean, dead-eyed and dead serious - which is handy becasuse, musically, his songs drip with the same kind of passion and pure filth that made The Attractions so important."

Devin has his debut EP titled 'You're Mine' out now on Frenchkiss Records. You can also head over to Devin's website and sign up for his mailing list and in return pick up a free track 'You're Mine'

You're Mine EP Tracklisting:
1. You're Mine
2. Thing On My Mind
3. Black and Blue

Getting To Know Devin:

Devin - Thing On My Mind by WorkItMedia

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