Friday, January 13, 2012

Play It Forward: The N'ere Dowells

Ok so here is the first ever installment of FPT's "Play It Forward". Here we go...

I recently discovered a band out of Brooklyn, NY, called The N'ere Dowells. They have a 3 song Demo up over at their bandcamp page, which they put online January 1, 2012. I took my first listen really quick, more as just a background music filler, not expecting much. After 10 seconds into 'Jungle Song' I had that little "Huh" moment and put the music to the forefront and listened with all my attention. All three songs 'Jungle Song', 'Anabel', and 'Spend Time' zipped by pretty quick and were all top notch quality in my opinion. I have since downloaded all 3 songs which the band has generously made available for free, and have now listened to the trio of songs about 20 times a piece in a 24 hour time period. The stand out track for me was 'Anabel', that particular song is only a showcase to the talent that this very young 4-piece Brooklyn band have to offer.

The N'ere Dowells (pronounced "nair-do-wells") sound is a perfect blend of garage rock with some raw surf pop melodies that are to die for. The guitar riffs and vocals go together so well, almost as if the 4 band members are all very good friends. For a 3 song Demo, these guys may have hit the jackpot and the record labels have to be calling begging for them to join forces. I also went on over to their Myspace page and checked out a couple of other songs 'Comets' and 'Thinkin of You' which are both decent as well. Finding any additional info on these guys (such as bio, and age) is tough, as there is not a lot out there but I did happen to find a YouTube video for 'Anabel' which it turns out won them a battle of the bands back in May 2011.

Getting to Know The N'ere Dowells:

Group Members:

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