Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Play It Forward: Spector

Spector are a 5-piece rock band from London, and they have been gaining quite the buzz lately. They have that good old Brit Pop sound mixed with the modern day guitar indie rock. Spector would be a decent mirror image to what The Vaccines brought to the 2011 music scene. They have all the same catchy guitar, sing along anthems and could very well be in line for the title of the new Vaccines of 2012. Frontman Fred Macpherson has been in a few bands (Les Incompetents, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man) before forming Spector. He spent a few months writing songs in his bedroom with just a Casio keyboard and a few Gloria Estefan samples. Since then the band has been on fire, recieving high praise from all the music big wigs overseas and now trying to crack into the USA.

They have been nominated for the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll. They also are set to do their UK tour starting this February and also have been penciled in as a support act for the massive Florence and the Machine tour in March. Take a listen to the single 'What You Wanted', the song glows with its perfect blend of Brit Pop meets Indie Rock sound. They currently don't have an album out but have a few singles that should be heavily played.  They have released 3 singles to date and one more that is on the way:

'Never Fade Away' - April 29, 2011
'What You Wanted' - September 19, 2011
'Grey Shirt and Tie' - December 5, 2011
'Chevy Thunder' - February 27, 2012

You can pick up both 'What You Wanted' and 'Never Fade Away' over on iTunes now.

Getting To Know Spector:

Group Members:
Frederick Macpherson (Vocals)
Chistopher Burman (Guitar)
Thomas Shickle (Bass)
Danny Blandy (Drums)
Jed Cullen (Guitar, Synth)

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