Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Play It Forward: Terry Malts

San Francisco's, Terry Malts are all set up for the release of their debut album Killing Time, which is set for February 21st, via Slumberland Records. Their sound is a power-pop meets chainsaw-punk, which has given them the title as most talked about band out of San Fran in ages. The album is 14 songs deep and runs at a total of 34 minutes in length, as the songs jump out at you quick and don't slow down. After a careful, week long consideration, the trio decided to go forth on Slumberland's request to record their debut album.

If you are a fan of buzz-saw, fuzzy guitar and drum noise, Terry Malts deliver it all, in a big way. Their live act is a big reason that they are receiving so much buzz, as they offer up a fantastic raw energy and plain and simple just have fun with their music.

Getting To Know Terry Malts:

Bands Members:
Corey Cunningham (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Phil Benson (Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Nathan Sweatt (Drums, Backing Vocals)

Killing Time Track Listing:
01. Something About You
02. Not Far From It
03. Where Is The Weekend?
04. Tumble Down
05. No Sir, I'm Not A Christian
06. Waiting Room
07. I'm Neurotic
08. Nauseous
09. Mall Dreams
10. No Good For You
11. I Do
12. What Was It
13. Can't Tell No One
14. No Big Deal

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