Friday, January 20, 2012

Play It Forward: TOY

TOY is a Korg Delta led 5-piece band which was formed in 2010. Take a good long listen to their first single 'Left Myself Behind' and you will hear many of their musical influences in the punk, psychedelic, rock, post rock genres all mixed into their own unique sound.  You can also hear 1980's Pulp and Joy Division simularities with a modern day Horrors change up to it.  They have hit the road supporting the likes of The Horrors and Electric Soft Parade, and The Horrors own Rhys Webb has this to say about his 2012 band crush TOY...
"Toy, who I've spoken about before, have just been on tour with us and they're brilliant. They're gonna do some dates with us this year too, and they've just released their debut 12-inch. I've mentioned them a lot to people already, but for me they're the most exciting band to come out last year and they're still really new. They're my favourite band for 2012 because that's when it's gonna happen for them - I'm sure."

After taking a long listen to both of the songs (Left Myself Behind, Clock Chime) that TOY have floating around on the internet, I get the feeling that they are a band to keep an eye on and take seriously.  Their music is not for the light hearted, it is to be listened to with some patience and then you can really enjoy and appreciate what they have to offer.  With song lengths of 7:46, and 5:56 they are not trying to make that instant catchy little 3 minute song, they make solid songs that respect your attention, and take you on a tripped out musical journey.

Getting To Know TOY:

Group Members:
Tom Dougall (Vocals, Guitar)
Dominic O'Dair (Guitar)
Alejandra Diez (Synthesizers/Modulation)
Maxim Barron (Bass, Vocals)
Charlie Salvidge (Drums, Vocals)

HVN233 - TOY 'Left Myself Behind' & 'Clock Chime' by heavenlyrecordings

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