Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Play It Forward: The Water

The Water are a 2-piece, post-rock duo out of Baltimore, MD. Their sound is a straight up guitar/drum/keyboard magical journey. Explosions In The Sky really got me hooked on the whole post-rock movement and The Water bring the same musically passion to their music. The only difference is that there are only two guys, Dan Cohan (drums, guitars), and James Klink (guitar, keyboards) that are beating out the sounds. On January 31st, the duo will be releasing their debut album titled 'Scandals & Animals' via Scenic Route Records. They also have 3 EP's under their belt as well over the past few years. The debut album will feature 9 songs which will include longtime live favorites such as 'DeSelby' and the outstanding 'Future Nails'. Do yourself a favor and take the 3 1/2 minutes to listen to 'Future Nails', I promise you will not be disappointed, the song would fit perfectly on any one's personal life's soundtrack.

Getting To Know The Water:

Group Members:
Dan Cohan
James Klink

The Water - Future Nails from Jason Aud on Vimeo.

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