Thursday, January 19, 2012

Play It Forward: Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal is a 27 year old Chicago-based singer with an incredible story and mystery behind him.  He is all set to release his first proper album titled Acousmatic Sorcery on March 20th, which displays a unique blend of lo-fi and soul.  He has been self-releasing his own music via cassette tapes and CD-R's and using his creative art skills by handing out flyers with phrases like "I want some friends & stuff" "I am not a Weasel" and included his name Willis Earl Beal, a phone number, and a drawing. Also another that said "My name is Willis Earl Beal. Write to me and I will make you a drawing" and had his mailing address and also phone number with the "call me and I will sing you a song" message on it. For a more in dept perspective on the Willis Earl Beal story check out what the Chicago Reader had to say about him this past summer.

Found a great piece of Beal's journey over at Music Direct...
 "The album’s 11 songs are taken from a series of recordings Beal made while living in Albuquerque, NM. He arrived in Albuquerque without a plan, a place, or enough money to live off and began singing warm, visceral and moving tunes to help him cope while sleeping rough. He spent days drawing and printing up flyers, distributing them all over his new city. Eventually Beal found work as the night porter at a motel. It was during the late-night shifts that the 27-year-old musician from the south side of Chicago taught himself to make music. As the Summer came to an end, Willis plotted his journey back to Chicago. While he traveled across America he continued to receive phone calls as the flyers made their own journey. One caller introduced himself as Mos Def and together they plotted to write a script based on Willis’ life, with Mos playing the lead."

His musical story is more of a musical journey full of inspiration. Now fast forward to January 2012, and now Beal has a record deal with XL Recordings newest sub label Hot Charity. Check out his powerful vocals in his newest song 'Evenings's Kiss' which will be a part of his debut album Acousmatic Sorcery

Acoustmatic Sorcery Track Listing:
01. Nepenenoyka
02. Take Me Away
03. Cosmic Queries
04. Evening’s Kiss
05. Sambo Joe From The Rainbow
06. Ghost Robot
07. Swing On Low
08. Monotony
09. Bright Copper Noon
10. Away My Silent Lover
11. Angel Chorus

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