Friday, January 13, 2012

Play It Forward

I have been debating for awhile on a way to make Fake Plastic Tunes stand out and be a place where people want to come to discover new music. I have had the idea that I need to run a feature a day on a new band, someone lesser known, new to the music scene, under the radar perhaps. Almost like a new band of the day feature where I can compile all the new music I receive and listen to and really give it a chance and help talk it up. So here it is, the latest and greatest from Fake Plastic Tunes, "Play It Forward".

It is the music that I love and that is why I spend the time writing a music blog. I have nothing to benefit from this, no money, no extra incentive, just a love for what I hear through my ears. As a thank you I would love to Play It Forward to all the bands and artists that are out there working so hard to make their music for our enjoyment. "Play It Forward" - will be a daily feature on Fake Plastic Tunes where I will pick a band a day (Monday-Friday) and share my thoughts on them. I will give bands bio, pictures, share tracks, links, give comparisons, and where to find their music.

As a fanbase I would also encourage you to drop me an Email, Tweet, Facebook message, or Mail me music of bands and artists you would like to help Play It Forward. As for those in bands please send me an email with 'Play It Forward' in the title. Please include bio, pic, any links to songs or videos you would like me to take a listen to.

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